Quick Tips For Buying Used 4WDs in Brisbane

February 25, 2020

Statewide Auto Group are the leading 4×4 specialist in Brisbane and always have fantastic opportunities to score a great deal on a used 4WD in Brisbane. We have the best deals on used 4WDs offering you excellent value and exceptional service on a quality used vehicle.


4WD are very popular choices for people living in Brisbane. Some of the most popular benefits of owning a 4wd include:

  1. Increased ride height that makes it easy to see what is on the road ahead.
  2. They can carry large loads inside the 4WD or towed behind.
  3. Goes on weekend adventures to beaches such as Bribie Island or Stradbroke Island.
  4. Many 4WDs have 7 seat capacity for large families.
  5. They’re rugged vehicles often favoured by commercial or rural buyers.


Buying from Statewide Auto Group can make your life easier. As part of the service, we’ve checked the car is mechanically safe and sound. We stake our reputation, and our warranties, on sourcing the best cars and 4WDs.


General Used Car Buying tips

1.   Buy for what you want

It can be mind-boggling trying to compare each and every model, the fuel efficiency of a Ford Ranger versus a Toyota HiLux, choosing between diesel versus petrol, or the ride height of a Landcruiser versus a Prado. Instead, narrow in on what is important to you to quickly exclude certain models.


Do you do a lot of city driving around Brisbane? Consider a lower ride height and standard tyres. Have a big family? Exclude everything that isn’t 7 seats. Towing a caravan? Look for 4WDs with high towing capacity. Our friendly team will be a huge help to quickly hone in on the features you’re looking for.

2.   Act quickly

While it may seem like there are endless used 4WDs on the market, you’ll quickly realise that only one or two stand out for you. This is because each is unique. There is only one in the model, year, kms, condition, accessories, colour and price that best matches what you want.


Another reason to act quickly is you’re not only competing against local buyers in and around Brisbane – shoppers from as far as Toowoomba, Gympie, Townsville, and even other cities like Sydney are always looking for quality used 4WDs from Brisbane that have had an easy life. These cars make great second-hand cars and are snapped up quickly.

3.   Dealer inspected

Statewide Auto Group work with local trusted mechanics and all cars must be in a roadworthy and safe condition to be suitable for sale. Here at Statewide Auto Group we take pride in our  reputation and boast excellent customer reviews. Don’t risk buying a lemon privately where you have no warranty or recourse, buying from Statewide Auto Group guarantees confidence and peace of mind.

4×4 Specific Tips

1.   Odometer

How far a car has travelled is a factor in determining the sale price of any pre-owned car. If you have a smaller budget, then you may want to look for a newer model with high kilometres. In the same way, an older model with very low kilometres is desirable and likely to hold its value.


However, high kilometres isn’t always a bad thing! Many commercial vehicles cruise past the 300,000 km mark, regularly reaching 500,000 kms and a few that even get maintained past 1 million kms. The key takeaway here is that these are tough vehicles, and when properly maintained will provide years of reliable transport.

2.   History

Each car has a story. Asking your salesperson what they know about the car can help you decide if it’s right for you. For example, finding out that the original owner upgrades their car every three years, even if their old car has very low kilometres and is running perfectly, helps you feel more confident about your purchase.

3.    Logbooks

Check to see if the car has log books and if it has been regularly stamped and serviced. A 4WD with high kilometres but regularly stamped logbooks can be great value. It shows the vehicle had regular oil and mechanics checks, and importantly, the owner took great care of the vehicle.

4.    Past owner

While the specific owner may not be known, the logbooks, receipts, and general condition says a lot about how it was maintained and who used the car before you. For example, good paintwork condition often means the car was garaged and protected from the sun.

5.   Accessories

While accessories don’t necessarily add value to the vehicle, specific accessories can add value to the individual. Check for towballs, roof racks, mudguards, floor mats, headlight protectors, windshields. All are extra costs to add later on and may be specifically important to your needs.


Other accessories to look for include alloy wheels which provide aesthetic and performance benefits, and tinted windows keep you and your passengers cooler.

6.    Exterior and Panel Damage

Panel damage can often be seen by carefully looking at the paintwork. Of course, most panel damage is purely aesthetic not mechanically an issue. Buying from Statewide Auto Group assures you that the vehicle has already been inspected to ensure high mechanical standards.


7.    Interior

Checking around the door jams and carpet for water level marks can be indicators the 4WD has waded through water. Of course, the majority of 4WDs don’t see this sort of action and it’s unlikely you’ll see this on many vehicles.


BONUS TIP: If you’re looking to save some money, a 4WD that was originally a work vehicle or transporting a young family may have more interior scratches and scuffs than the average vehicle, and the sale price might reflect this.

8.   Tyres

Check your 4WD has tyres that suit your driving requirements. With any used car, check to see if the tyres are new or will need replacing soon. With a used 4WD, you are also checking the type of tread on the tyres. A tyre that looks more like a car tyre is going to suit a city or highway driver. For example, a drive down the M1 to the Gold Coast will have less road noise and also have better fuel efficiency.

A tyre that looks quite chunky will be far superior on one of the many 4WD tracks around Brisbane but will be less enjoyable for the rest of the time. Of course, tyres can always be changed, but taking the time now to consider your usage can save you the hassle down the road.

9.             Warranty

Buying privately provides no guarantees or insight into the person you are buying the car from. Instead, buying from SWAG – a licenced car dealership with countless positive customer reviews assures your purchase is quality and you will also benefit from any warranties they provide. Statewide Auto Group has up to 5 years warranty on used vehicles so you can buy with confidence. (link to warranty info)



Looking for the perfect used 4WD? The team at Statewide Auto Group are Brisbane’s 4×4 specialists with the experience and network to find you the perfect 4×4. Get in touch today on (07) 3390 3057 or search our used 4WDs now.